Home Tips For Winter

Hi, hope everyone is having a great weekend.  in this post I wanted to give some ideas of how you can make some quick fixes to make your house look nicer  for the holidays.


1. Do you have a squeaky floor?  If so spacing talcum powder over the area then remove any traces of powder. By doing just this you just made your floor sound better so no more creaks!

2. Have some peeling wallpaper around the house?  You can go to any hardware store like ACE, or Home Depot and get some wallpaper paste to simply smooth away  edges of your wallpaper that may be damaged. If you have issues with this you can call a handyman!

3.) Is your stuff is your bathtub stained?  Combine some cream of tartar with baking soda then mix the mixture into a soft cloth then rub until clean. You’ll be amazed at how well this works! 

4.) Slamming doors another nuisance you may not want to have. To soften the door slamming attach rubber bands around the door knob on both sides be sure to not cover the latch so that the door can still close properly.

5.) Furthermore, squeaky door hinges are another issue.  This is a simple fix so all you need to do is get a little WD-40  spray that into the hinges moving the door back and forth to work it correctly.  Another alternative to this is petroleum jelly. 

6.) Is cold getting into your house some how? Check that all your windows and doors are sealed properly. If they aren’t you need to find some caulking and seal the edges properly. This will make a HUGH difference in the heat staying in your home for the winter months.

We’d like to Auto Glass Repair In Provo, Ut for helping write this post for us. The owner is such a great guy and a true handy man! Thanks Steve. I appreciate you.